7 Nov 2013

About Us

Imran, born on February 3 in 1994. In 2010, Imran start his online business. The amazing thing about him starting an online business at that time was that he was a novice, do not even familiar with the concept of "email".

Naturally, though, Imran challenges and learn as much as he could about the internet and all the basics of how one can be successful in his line.
In the beginning, various responses were flooded his daily life, some say that it is only usually menghayal imran impossible, some say that the online business will only hurt us, and many others.

But because of his persistence and because of its seriousness learn online business, now Imran finally can begin to earn income during the dream yes.

Imran pose with a school friend

Imran paskibra following activities in the district

imran hanging out with his friends at the time will  

face selection into tertiary institutions

Imran gave a speech at the disposal of school children in MAS Nurul Huda

Now Imran has begun to earn the trust became seoarang expert in business on the internet. And the Indonesian people feel very appreciated to have someone like Imran in Business Revolution that will make them successful in the business of the state. Anne Ahira believe that his revolution WILL happen and that one day, a few millionaires will emerge on the scene efforts of Indonesia!

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