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About Us

Imran, born onFebruary 3in 1994. In2010, Imranstarthis online business. The amazing thingabouthimstarting an online businessat that timewasthathe was anovice, do notevenfamiliarwiththe concept of"email".

Naturally, though, Imranchallengesandlearn as much ashecouldaboutthe internetandallthe basicsof how onecanbesuccessful inhisline.
In the beginning, variousresponseswerefloodedhisdaily life, some saythatitis onlyusuallymenghayalimranimpossible, some saythattheonlinebusinesswill only hurtus, andmany others.

Butbecause ofhis persistenceandbecause ofits seriousnesslearnonlinebusiness, nowImranfinallycan begin to earnincomeduringthedreamyes.

Imranpose withaschoolfriend

Imranpaskibrafollowingactivitiesinthe district

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