7 Apr 2013

Summary of Material UN Economic SMA 2012

car charger $2.99Considering there are many requests to display a summary of the National High School Exam material of the course lessons IPS and vision of this blog is clearly written in the blog header at the very top, Sharing and Learning, it will display a summary and a summary of the material is also important for the National Examination particular program IPS high school.

And because the blog owner does not have competence in social studies, the summary and the essence of the lesson modules taken from other sources are reliable and competent God willing. So files are uploaded on this blog do not miss God willing lattice SKL UN 2012 which has been published BSNP as our guide in preparing the summary and predict the questions that will come out later in the National Exam. (See grilles National High School Exam click here)

In this edition the brothers can learn the gist of Economics National High School Exam 2012 compiled by Ameliasari of MAN Salatiga. No need to dwell at any length again, just download the file and link the material summary UN Economic High School in 2012 is shown below. Please be directly downloaded and studied by the National Examination results are satisfactory .... Amen.

Here is a summary of the material collection 2012 UN Economic SMA can Adek-Adek download. Please download at the link below:

This blog also provides a summary of the material and smart solution that might trick the brothers needed a companion summary of material punyai younger siblings from school, tutoring, or from books brothers hold the 2013 UN guide.
May be useful !!

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