11 Feb 2013

Magellan GPS Accessories

Magellan GPS Accessories

Magellan GPS Accessories
Magellan GPS Accessories
By Imran
Magellan Global positioning satellite devices have changed our lives in more than a few ways.

For starters, most people will never have to worry about being lost on a long trip again, and hikers or avid nature lovers can feel a bit more secure when heading out for a weekend in the mountains thanks to Magellan GPS devices.

Once you have your GPS device you might be interested in the many Magellan GPS accessories available, some are necessary others enhance your experience, but all can be quite handy.

12 Volt Car Charger
Charge and power your GPS device at the same time with these handy Magellan GPS accessories.

  • Designed specifically for the Magellan
  • Powers and charges
  • 6 ft cord
  • 90 degree connector
  • 12-30v input DC car cigarette adapter
  • Compatible devices – Magellan Maestro 3100 3140 4000 4040 4050 4100
  • Crossover Road mate800 860 2000 2200T 3000T 3050T 6000 GPS
  • Receivers-Comparable Magellan 980827
Magellan GPS Accessories – Windshield Mount
GPS devices require a power source and a clear view of the sky to operate correctly. The satellites must be able tosee the device in order to give you accurate mapping and or coordinates and a windshield mounts will put your GPS in perfect position.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Sticky disc instead of suction cup
Air Vent Mount
For those who like an unobstructed viewwhen driving Magellan GPS accessories includes an air vent mount. These are easy to install, no tools required and will keep your GPS out of site of potential thieves.

  • Vent clip
  • Compatible with all GPS featuring dual T slot pattern
  • Magellan Maestro : 3100, 3140, 3200, 3220, 3250, 4000, 4040, 4050, 4210, 4220, 4250;
  • Magellan Road Mate : 1200, 2000, 2200T, 300, 3000t, 3050T, 360, 6000T, 700, 760, 860T;
  • Magellan Triton : 1500, 200, 2000, 300, 400, 500;
  • Magellan Crossover GPS
Magellan 980806 Carrying Case
Very few families today have only one vehicle, and at times, it may be necessary to move your GPS from one to another or even to your boat. Carrying cases are the must have Magellan GPS accessories for this type of family.

  • Zippered cushioned case
  • Holds – GPS, mounts and applicable cables
  • Velcro straps inside
  • Foam cushioning for parts
Bottom Line
These are just a few of the many Magellan GPS accessories that you may find handy. They range in price from a few dollars to about $30 on sites like Amazon. Check them out and see if there are any accessories that could enhance your GPS experience.

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