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Garmin GPS Receiver

Garmin GPS Receiver
By Imran
A Garmin GPS receiver is really any of the companies GPS products. You have probably heard about the devices for the car, truck, boat and airplane but did you know Garmin made one you can wear? Yes sir, right on your wrist you can wear a Garmin GPS receiver!

No it is not meant for planning trips per se, but as a training device for runners, walkers and cyclist.

This Garmin GPS receiver for your wrist is a wonderful training aid; many who have used them say they cannot live without them now.

Features – Forerunner 305
Garmin has several different models of personal training aids. The Forerunner has been released in several generations, this is the 305 and it has many improvements over the previous models.
Watch like Garmin GPS receiverSpeed, distance and pace dataTraining center softwareVirtual Partner1.3 inch displayPros
Getting motivated to workout can be difficult, that is why many people choose to have a running or cycling partner. A partner …

Magellan GPS Accessories

Magellan GPS Accessories
Magellan GPS Accessories By Imran
Magellan Global positioning satellite devices have changed our lives in more than a few ways.

For starters, most people will never have to worry about being lost on a long trip again, and hikers or avid nature lovers can feel a bit more secure when heading out for a weekend in the mountains thanks to Magellan GPS devices.

Once you have your GPS device you might be interested in the many Magellan GPS accessories available, some are necessary others enhance your experience, but all can be quite handy.

12 Volt Car Charger
Charge and power your GPS device at the same time with these handy Magellan GPS accessories.

Designed specifically for the MagellanPowers and charges6 ft cord90 degree connector12-30v input DC car cigarette adapterCompatible devices – Magellan Maestro 3100 3140 4000 4040 4050 4100Crossover Road mate800 860 2000 2200T 3000T 3050T 6000 GPSReceivers-Comparable Magellan 980827Magellan GPS Accessories …

Garmin 478

Garmin 478  By Imran
Remember when finding your way around meant buying a map and learning how to read it and then of course, there was figuring out how to fold the stupid thing back up.

Well technology has changed all of that, today a little box mounted on your dash will not only show you how to get somewhere but would if you turn by turn directions.

There is not much chance of getting lost in are technologically advanced world. Little devices like the Garmin 478 will make your next vacation trip much more pleasurable.

built in marine detail charts of the U.S.  CoastlinePreloaded with city navigatorDetailed street maps of U.S., Puerto Rico and MEXICOW A A S enabled12 parallel channel GPS receiver3.8 display with 480 x 320 resolutionPros
If none of the above was enough to make your vacation sweeter the Garmin 478 also comes with six million points of interest. Never worry about finding a hotel, convenience store, restaurant or attraction again.

You might have been w…

Sharp Camcorder

The Sharp Camcorder By Imran
Sharp is a well known name and a leader in developing LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. In 1992, Sharp released the VeiwCam, which showed the recording on a 4” LCD screen.

This was the first of many Sharp innovations in the realm of video camcorders viewfinders and is a standard feature on today’s camcorders.

This respected Japanese corporation was founded in 1935 and known as Hayakawa Metal Industrial Laboratory.

The Sharp Camcorder Developed
Camcorder technology has come a long way in the past years and video technology even further. The first video makers worked with barely mobile heavy cameras in black and white only recorded on huge rolls of film. Then to video technology with tapes and tiny viewfinders that were laughingly called mobile but were very heavy.

Today’s camcorders are lightweight with flash memory capacities that would astound the developers of the camcorder back in the day, and miles from the heavy video machines th…

Sunpak Tripod

Sunpak Tripod ReviewsBy Imran
At some point in your life, did you ever dream about making your own movie? Run around yelling “Cut!” at people and achieving that ultimate shot that shoots you to fame and fortune.
Okay, maybe your interest in film and photography is not quite so grandiose, perhaps just a home video or two and volumes of photos to immortalize the wonderful moments in life.
For either scenario, there is one piece of equipment that can make all the difference in those family moments, a tripod.

Most of the time even if you have nerves of steel the hand will be a little unsteady or shake imperceptibly, you may not notice it at all while you are shooting, however the video playback and blurry photographs tell the real tale.

As with any job it is important that you have the correct tools, this is true for photography and video as well. Here we will examine the Sunpak tripod, and help you determine which one is right for the job you have in mind.

Still Shots
A very goo…