22 Jan 2013

Archos Battery

Archos Battery

Archos Battery
By Imran
People are in love with their media. Movies, videos, text messaging you name it; everyone either has it or wants it! Recently a new concept has run up the flagpole that is the idea of a personal media player.

These devices are similar to mp3 players but allow you to take movies on the go instead. A popular device thanks to Dish Network is the Archos personal portable media player.
Problem with these devices is they are battery powered of course and must be charged repeatedly. This repeated draining of the Archos battery tends to take a toll on it and eventually you will have to buy a replacement.

An Archos battery can be purchased online or in some cases through specialty retailers. You may find the official recommendation is to only use an Archos battery and not some of the cheaper knock offs. However, many people have purchased these lower cost alternatives and reported no ill effects.

The biggest problem between the official Archos battery and the cheaper replacements. Below we will compare two similar batteries, features and prices.

Lenmar Replacement Battery
This is a third party Archos battery replacement. It is not the official battery created by the company; this battery is for the Archos AV500 100GB.
  • Replaces batteries- 400084 and 500738
  • 3.7V 2400mAh
  • Lithium polymer
  • 3 year warranty
  • Price – $29.99
AV500 Thick Battery
An Archos battery specifically made for the AV500 100 GB. The sad thing about this battery is the only information available is the battery name and price. There are no mentions of warranty, what type of battery it is or the voltage.

Of course, after seeing the price you may not want or need any more information. These batteries are nearly $50 more than the above replacement for the same functions.
  • Price – $75.99
Bottom Line
You will want to check with customer support before choosing a battery. Some devices may still be under warranty and manufacturers are prone to invalidating the warranties for using third party replacements.

However if this is not an issue with your particular device it just makes good sense to choose the Archos battery that best fits your budget.

It should be noted that certain electronics might not function well with secondary batteries. This is extremely rare occurrence, but it can happen. Know too that these issues can also occur from using the wrong battery entirely.

Do not think that just because they look the same and fit that they are indeed the same Archos battery. When you are dealing with high-end electronics, it is always best to exercise caution.

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