23 Mar 2012

Immigrant Surgeon Gets Citizenship

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Issue #20
Friday, March 23, 2012

Immigrant Surgeon Gets Citizenship
Texas Gay Immigrant Allow to Stay
1 Million Will Face Ellis Island
Immigrant Surgeon Gets Citizenship
During a U.S. citizenship ceremony of 450 people from 75
countries this month in Florida, Immigration Services Officer
Melissa Wingerd presented Dr. Gabriel Gonzales-Portillo his
naturalization certificate, the Washington Post reported. Last
year, Wingerd almost died from a fatal brain hemorrhage...
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Texas Gay Immigrant Allow to Stay
In an unprecedented case in Texas this month, Judge Richard
Walton stopped all deportation proceedings for gay un-
documented immigrant David González, the Huffington Post
reported. In 2000, González emigrated from Costa Rica to
America and overstayed his tourist visa.
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1 Million Will Face Ellis Island
On March 29th, more than 1 million students from across
the U.S. will travel to Ellis Island in New York Harbor to
learn the history of immigration on a virtual field trip via
a free live webcast on Scholastic.com, Market Watch.com
reported. The site also includes an videos and audio...
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