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What Do You Think of Gmail's New Look? (Enable Images to Fully Enjoy)

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Know Your Meme Reveals Top Internet Memes of Year
Know Your Meme Reveals Top Internet Memes of Year

Popular Internet meme website Know Your Meme just released its top memes of 2011. Don Caldwell, a reporter with the site, spoke with WebProNews and revealed the list:

1. Rebecca Black's "Friday"
2. Planking
3. Occupy Wall Street
4. First World Problems
5. Scumbag Steve
6. X All the Y
7. Nope! Chuck Testa
8. Nyan Cat
9. '60s Spider-Man
10. My Little Pony

Even though some of the memes are simple, Caldwell told us that this element made them more shareable since people have more freedom to add to them.

In terms of advice for those trying to create memes, Caldwell warned that people can typically detect "forced" memes. In other words, don't try too hard to make something go viral online.

What was your favorite meme of the year?

Rafael Robinson
Intranet for growing e-commerce business
By: Oman

One of the most important principles that I've found in traditional brick'n mortar business is that it's important to keep everyone in your business focused on the goals and objectives of the business. The best tool for doing this is to have an ongoing dialog about issues and problems. If folks aren't able to come together to talk, individuals will get their own agenda. Lunches are great. Small group meetings...anything to keep the conversation going and focused on the product.

As my e-commerce business grows, I'm bringing in talent from many different parts of the country; tech support in Houston, order fulfilment in Ohio, technical writers in Florida, etc. As the chief medical officer, I'm mobile. Although each of us have a single task, we're all still working for the same company. So how do I go about bringing us together without the ability to have the occasional lunch or meeting?

One example I've seen used to do this is Facebook. I work as a doctor and use an electronic medical record (EMR). The maker of my EMR used Facebook as an intranet when they have issues or down time. Pretty cool the way they've used Facebook.

Anyone familiar with other products (intranet) that are used to create a community for small businesses? When I say community, I'd like my employees to be able to share a conversation about the business. By doing so, my hope would be to give them a sense of inclusion and a better focus on company goals and objectives.

Has anyone tackled this problem in the past? Any out-of-the-box solutions that anyone is familiar with?

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Jeremy Muncy

What Do You Think of Gmail's New Look?

Recommend on Facebook Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gmail's new look now active for everyone

It appears Gmail's new look has been activated for all users.

What do you think of Gmail's new look? Let us know in the comments.

Gmail's New Look

Some new/updated features you'll notice in Gmail are:

New Conversation View
The conversation view has been completely redesigned. You'll now see see profile pictures for your contacts in your email conversations.

Elastic Density
With the new Gmail you can now control the spacing between elements on your screen. This can be modified anytime via the display density menu, located under settings.

All New Search
Gmail's search has been improved with a dropdown menu which allows you to specify exactly what you want to search (e.g. emails to a certain sender, or a certain word in the subject or body). Email filters can also be created from the same menu, from any search.

HD Themes
The themeing system has been completely rebuilt, now each theme utilizes high resolution imagery. All of the current themes have been updated, and your current theme will be carried when switched.

The left-side navigation has also received a facelift, as the new layout keeps your most used labels in view at all times. If you find yourself stuff being hidden by the collapsing menu, you can resize this by simply clicking on the dividing line and dragging it down. Gmail will remember your new menu settings.

For those of you who hadn't made the change yet, Google has made it for you. The next time you login to your Gmail account you're greeted with a box welcoming you to Gmail's new look accompanied by the following video:

Gmail's new look

Not a fan of the new look? Well you can, "temporarily postpone the switch to the new look in the new settings menu". But what's the point in that? As Gmail's new look will more than likely be made permanent in the near future... better just get used to it now.

Google's Gmail blog has been taking an in-depth look at Gmails new look. Today they posted about activating the changes everyone:

"The dedication of our testing team helped us catch bugs early so we could fix them in preparation for launch. Once we felt that the new look was good enough to be used by others, we turned it on for all Googlers."

Sure Google is happy with the changes, but a lot of Twitter users don't agree:

New gmail, you are decreasing my productivity. #ihatethenewgmail
#Gmail finally made me switch to a 'new look'. I haven't been missing out. It is bullshit. Where is the old one?
What the HELL did they do to Gmail???
I don't like the new look for Gmail because the dark theme is now all black black instead of the black, grey and white I'm used to :(

Though there are some out there who actually like Gmail's new look, myself included:

I *like* the new Gmail. There, I said it
Love the new #gmail #design! @google
Pretty sure I'm the only person who doesn't hate the new Gmail.
I'm fine with it, too. RT@AlyssaRosenberg: Pretty sure I'm the only person who doesn't hate the new Gmail.

It's unclear at the moment how long users will be able to revert back to the old Gmail look, but why not just embrace the new look? It will be the default look very shortly, you might as well get used to it.

Why do you think some people don't like Gmail's new look? Thoughts about the new look in general? Let us know in the comments.

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