8 Dec 2011

See How Your Site Stacks Up To Its Competition

Dear Jayde Member,

Want to see how your site stacks up to its competition? The SEO Recommendations Tool will check your site's and competitors' page rank, backlinks, keywords, and visitors.

Just enter keywords and the URLS, and this tool will do a link analysis on both sites and give you suggestions on how to improve your SEO.

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Any successful SEO campaign must concern itself with keyword density. As search engines use keyword data to categorize a site's relevance, having the proper keyword density is crucial to webmasters and SEO experts.

This free keyword density checker allows users to analyze any URL for keyword density values for one, two or three word keyword terms. To behave more like a real website crawler, the free tool will attempt to filter out stop words as well when returning results.

Are you unsure about what pages to request links for? Do you need help determining how valuable additional web pages beyond your index page are? With the free Link Appeal tool, you can find out which pages are worthy of backlinking and which ones need improvement.

Links are still an important aspect of search engine marketing, so knowing as much as you can about your site in regards to which pages are worth linking to is imperative. Master your site's performance with the knowledge provided by the Link Appeal tool.

Want an easy way to know if your pages are search engine friendly? The Web Page Analyzer is a free and simple tool that will analyze the good and bad SEO aspects of your site.

Just type in the url you want to check and a target phrase. This tool will tell you if the target phrase appears in the header text, title, meta description and meta keywords. It will also give you some pointers in order to improve the SEO of your site. So go ahead and check it out now!

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