7 Dec 2011

Make Creating Keywords Easier With This Tool

Dear Jayde Member,

Your site is a puzzle, with each piece playing an integral part. Some of the most important pieces to the puzzle are keyword combinations. If you're having a hard time creating keyword combos, give the Keyword Suggestion Generator Tool a try.

Just type in a keyword and you will get keyword results and suggestions from Google, Yahoo and more. With this tool, you can stay ahead of the curve for particular keyword usage.

Keep on Promoting

Jayde Admin


Search engine marketing is not a "set it and forget it" method of promotion. Being vigilant about your strategies is as important as the strategie themselves. Because links are still an incredibly powerful tool in search marketing, keeping track of the sites that are linking back to yours is a crucial step. Without, all your marketing efforts could be for nothing, especially if your web presence depends on your site's backlinks.

With the Reciprocal Link Checker, a free SEO utility, you can take control of your linking strategy like never before. Are you expecting a link from an authority in your field, but aren't sure if they are returning it? Check it out with the Reciprocal Link Checker and take control of your site's search marketing.

Keep track of all the links you share in your social network with Trunk.ly. The service collects each link and makes them searchable, making the process of managing your social profiles an easy one. Did you forget when you sent that tip out about web development techniques? Trunk.ly will find them for you, making social media marketing management an easier task than before. With Internet marketing moving well beyond search, there are many more responsibilities site manager have, and keeping track of your social media footprint is an essential duty.

With the introduction of Trunk.ly, managing these Twitter and Facebook feeds will no longer be a concern that requires a great deal of time management. Locate, organize and search. There's not much more a modern web developer and/or marketer can ask for.

Want to see how your site stacks up to its competition? The SEO Recommendations Tool will check your site's and competitors' page rank, backlinks, keywords, and visitors.

Just enter keywords and the URLS, and this tool will do a link analysis on both sites and give you suggestions on how to improve your SEO.

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