27 Dec 2011

Get an iPod Shuffle for 30 Minutes of Your Time

Vocus - On-Demand Software for Public Relations ManagmentGet Social Media Insight - Fast - with Vocus. Take a demo of Vocus
 PR Software.

Quote Vocus is to media as Google is to the Internet.
Quote –Daniel Helfman,
Director of Media,
Jason's Deli

4296 Forbes Blvd.
Lanham, MD 20706



Do you know your tweets from your social media buzz-and do you know the potential they offer for your marketing?

With Vocus software, you won't just understand social media-you'll be able to integrate it straight into your marketing campaigns to boost your results.

Bullet Monitor Twitter, YouTube and over 20 million blogs in near real time

Bullet Monitor what the competition is doing and stay one step ahead

Bullet Track sentiment about you and your competitors to target your campaigns better

Bullet Keep your sales teams up to speed on the latest trends and hot topics
Best of all, Vocus completely integrates social and traditional media with tracking, reporting, analysis, news distribution and the world's most comprehensive database of media contacts-all in one place.

Take a look at what Vocus can do for you with a free online demo and we'll send you the new iPod Shuffle® when you're done - just to say thanks.*

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Organizations Relying on Vocus
Organizations relying on Vocus: Southwest, Aramark, and Volvo.

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