7 Dec 2011

Don't Let Your Site Get Left Behind!

Dear Jayde Member,

With today's high-speed internet, people have gotten accustomed to websites loading at a pretty fast pace. The maximum time people are willing to wait is just a matter of seconds, before getting frustrated and giving up.

Don't get left behind! Use the Website Speed Check tool to figure out just how long it takes your site to load. With this information, you may want to change your website or even change the host.

Keep on Promoting

Jayde Admin


Keywords are crucial when it comes to search engine rankings. Use the Free Meta Keywords Tool to determine and analyze the meta keywords of your competitors. Just enter the web page you want to check and it will display the site's meta description, keywords and more.

Get a leg up on your competition by using this free, valuable tool now!

A site's header is pretty much the first thing a browser or search engine's bot sees when visiting a site, and as such, it's an important thing to get right. Use the HTTP Header Viewer to make sure you've done so.

The tool's easy enough to use. Give it a URL, and it'll show you the exact HTTP headers that are on display. This should then allow you to monitor any redirects and check that everything's in working order.

It can be bad for a site to get links from domains hosted in the same Class C IP range.

That's where this free and easy to use tool comes in handy. Just plug in two URLs, and the Class C Checker tool will determine whether the sites are similar enough to perhaps cause search engines to become suspicious.

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