7 Dec 2011

Calculate Your Incoming Links with the Link Velocity Tool

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Linkbuilding is crucial to your success when it comes to SEO. Increasing the quantity and quality of incoming links help you achieve higher search engine rankings. Growing incoming links at a steady pace month-to-month is also very important.

With the Link Velocity tool from Further Search Marketing, you can track your linkbuilding progress month-to-month. At first, you will see the number of incoming links directed at your site, but in time you will get a graph that allows you to see the increase. This tool is accessible through free registration.

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Want to know where your page ranks in major search engines for certain search phrases? Search Position Checker by Further Search Marketing will tell you! All you have to do is enter the URL and the search phrase and viola.

The results will tell you the search position of your page in Google, Google UK, Yahoo, Yahoo UK, Bing and Bing UK. If you do the free registration with Further, you can check up to 20 key phrases at once.

As social media marketing continues its position as an important marketing tool, even in regards to search engines -- Google, Bing, and Yahoo all crawl social media outlets -- sharing the content you create drives these campaigns. With Argyle Social, content sharing has been made easy and the impact is easily researched. Not only can users shorten the URLs they share, the software also attaches metrics to these links, so researching their individual impact is a simple task.

Argyle Social offers a free trial for interested developers and marketers alike, and considering the tools available, combined with the free test drive approach, it's a trial worth taking.

Backlinks are still an important aspect of search engine optimization. This makes finding blogs that follow links, as opposed to using the "NoFollow" attribute, a crucial portion of marketing campaigns. With the DoFollow tool from Digerati Marketing, locating these friendly blogs is now easier than ever.

DoFollow is an on-site location utility, meaning no software installation is required. Using the service is also free, which makes finding these all-important link-following blogs a task that's too easy to ignore.

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