6 Dec 2011

Black Friday and the Digital Age

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Dr. John La Puma: Twitter, An Important Tool For Healthcare
Dr. John La Puma: Twitter, An Important Tool For Healthcare

One of the most difficult industries for social media to enter is the healthcare industry. Dr. John La Puma, the founder of Chef Clinic/ChefMD, spoke with WebProNews about this area at the BlogWorld Expo and said that, even though it is challenging, social media is necessary in healthcare.

Rafael Robinson
PHP vs asp for site rebuild
By: Oman

I've owned and operated an e-commerce site for 10 years. The original/current site is written in .asp. It's been a functional site for us, but we have a sense that it's time to rebuild. Just like the an old car needs to be replaced every so often, we're at a point where we're looking to replace our web site with a newer version. Our goals are to increased SEO functionality and improve site navigation.

Most of the SEO folks that I've spoken with want to completely re-do our web site. Perhaps that's necessary, but it might just be up-sell. My challenge is to determine what I would gain by dumping the old site and starting fresh.

I'd appreciate some feedback on this question; if you could build a new website today with all the SEO bells and whistles you could ever wish for, how would it be written? .asp, PHP, html5, something else?

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Chris Crum

Black Friday and the Digital Age

Recommend on Facebook Thursday, November 24, 2011

Technology and the web are big parts of the shopping holiday now

Black Friday is almost upon us. That special time of the year when people rush out to the stores to spend their money, trample on each other, and get in fights over marked down merchandise, in true holiday spirit.

What are you looking for deals on? Let us know in the comments.

iPads, Tablets and Other Gadgets To Be Hot Items

Research shows that the iPad and other tablets could dominate Black Friday shopping.

black friday gadgets

black friday gadgets

In the US, UK and Australia, Apple is having a "special one-day shopping event". The deals are said to include discounts on iPads, Macs and iPods on Apple's online store and in retail stores. 9to5Mac claims to have more details from a "trusted tipster".

Amazon is doing a deal on Saturday, or starting on midnight - Black Friday night: All Windows Phone 7 and select Android devices, for just $.01

Google's Chromebooks

While not exactly a Black Friday deal, Google did announce a price drop on Chromebooks.

Chromebook: Set Up

Online Advertising

According to a report from MediaPost, "Retail marketers gearing up for Black Friday spent more of their digital ad budget on paid-search and digital advertising in Q4 2011, compared with the year-ago quarter."


Foursquare has provided a Black Friday survival guide:

Foursquare black friday

The company says:

On your phone: Tap on the 'Explore' tab in the foursquare app and hit the bright orange 'Specials' button to find all the deals nearby. Expand the radius (by tapping on the number in the top left) for more deals!

On foursquare.com: Check out the map on the homepage to see Specials in the neighborhood, marked in orange. Zoom out or drag the map around to see more!

What deals are you looking for on Black Friday? Will you go to the stores or will you simply shop online? Let us know in the comments.

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